"Chris is a leader in his industry and sets a bar others only hope to reach."
-Drew Reeves, Senior IT Manager, Knox County Sheriff's Office"e5="Chris demonstrated a keen appreciation of new technologies and was quick to recognize their value in online media. He was one of the original adopters of the RealAudio format, even in the early days of streaming audio. His championing of the technology helped hundreds of people take their message online, resulting in bringing a successful startup company (Eonstreams, Inc.) to life."
Kevin Woods, Director of Advertising Products, Internap
"Chris is the most knowledgable person I know in the area of digital video. Video streaming, conversion, asset management, product capture - he owns it all. In addition I've always found him to be a strong communicator, highly professional, and very pleasant to get along with. I recommend him strongly to an organization lucky enough to leverage his talents."
Wes Pomery, Director of Product Management at Artnet
"Chris is one of the most creative engineers I have worked with. We worked together to discover and execute an interactive television viewing experience that enhanced the event without annoyingly disrupting it. Chris is excellent at translating theory into practical execution."
Marcia Irwin, Creative Director New Media, Scripps Networks
“Chris was very instrumental in our company moving into a new area of service to our listeners. His commitment to our product was so helpful.”
David Wells, Station Manager at WYLV
"Chris is the type of co-worker that you can always count on to provide excellent, professional results. His skills and experience in business and technology gives him an advantage in the marketplace."
Eric Johnson VP, Information Services at Jewelry Television
"I had the pleasure of working with Chris at Scripps Networks and JTV. Chris is one of the most innovative and creative technology people I have ever met. He is passionate about new media and is not afraid to try new and different approaches. Chris was instrumental in the successful implementation of many of our ground breaking projects. He is a nice guy and great to work with, I highly recommend him."
Steve Hicks, SVP / CTO at Scripps Networks
“Chris is a leader in his industry and sets a bar others only hope to reach.”
Drew Reeves, Senior IT Manager, KCSO